Wafer test

Based on the reliability test, CSE conducts the test of the IC chip through electrical signals to the semiconductor wafer. We provide various Test Solutions according to the needs of designers/manufacturers. by sorting out good and bad products.

Facilities & Equipments

  • ETS-364

    Up to 240 Analog Channels

    Up to 128 Digital Channels

    Data Rate 66 Mhz

    DPU-16 / APU-12 / SPU-100 / SPU-500 / QMS

  • SX-5000

    V/I 592pin(Dig 256pin + APU 336pin)

    128 Test Site

    100MHz Vector Rate

    128MW Vector Memory

    Mixed Signal, PMIC Test System

  • Verigy 93000


    20mA per Channel

    Max 4A(Pulse Mode)

    800Mbps Data Rate

    768ch(Upgradable to 2048ch)

    Mixed Signal, SoC Test System

    Verigy 93000
  • Opus3

    8~12inch Wafer

    0.5sec Index Time

    ±175mm X Probing Area

    ±165mm Y Probing Area

    ±1um XY Probing Accuracy

    300kg probing force

  • J750(EX)/ IP750(EX)

    Max 2048 Pins

    80 Test site

    800 Mbps Data Rate

    High (120 ~ 160℃)

    Low (-25 ~ -45℃)


    Mixed Signal, MCU, CCD/CIS

    J750(EX)/ IP750(EX)
  • P-8XLm

    Wafer Size: 100,125,150,200 mm

    Stage Technology: Ball screw

    XY probing Accuracy: ±2.0 ㎛

    Z probing Accuracy: ±5.0 ㎛

    Probing Force: 60 kg

    Optical System

    Operation System

  • SX-3030

    V/I 256Pin(Dig 128pin + APU 128pin)

    32 Test Site

    50MHz Vector Rate

    8MW Vector Memory

    Mixed Signal, PMIC Test System